Du bist das Lila in meiner Pause. <3

*.*Dienstag 29.09.2009 03:43 AM

Do you know what is the most beautiful thing in my eyes… the reflection of yours.
NEVER say NEVER, but say that you love me FOREVER and EVER.
I hope you think of me each night before you fall asleep.
My heart beats to the rhythm of our love.
Love is what I feel when I see you beside me.
If you were ice cream, I would melt you with the heat of my love.
When you gaze at the stars remember me, for in each one is a kiss for thee.
I would ride a rocket to the stars, to be with you when you are far.
I was looking for an angel, but I suddenly stopped when you flew into my life.
If heaven is full of angels like you, I would ride an air balloon to meet you.

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