caught in a stasis, feel like i\\\'ve wasted all this time with people and places who\\\'ve never related or desired.

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i'm so much better without u!Dienstag 08.03.2011 11:18 PM

you told me there's no need to talk it out cause it's too late.
to proceed and slowly i took your words and walked away.
no looking back. i won't regret, no!
i will find my way. i'm broken but still I have to say . .
you played me, betrayed me.
your love was nothing but a game.
portrait a role. you took control.
i couldn't help but fall.
so deep but now I see things clear!
don't waste you fiction tears on me!
just save them for someone in need.
it's Way to late i'm closing the door . .
it's Alright, OK! i'm so much better without you!
i wont be sorry. alright, OK!
so don't you bother what I do?
no matter what you say i wont return
our bridge has burnt down. i'm stronger now.
alright , OK. i'm so much better without you!
i wont be sorry!

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