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best days of my lifeMittwoch 28.04.2010 10:29 PM

I loved this days :) it was sooo much fun being with my friends and just talkin' bout all that stupid stuff we made, and still make :)

And then my aunt told me, that my best cousin will come back to Germany in June :) Oh, I'm soooo happy :) I missed her so much.
You must know, she was in Wisconsin for a year :( I was happy, that her biggest dream came true, but it was hard not to see her one year...

Yeah. But Non, my guest cousin has to leave us. That's sad. :( I like him so much. :) we could stay in contact :)

And I had wonderful days with my friends :) Oh, I just noticed again and again, that I've got the best friend you could imagine :)

I love them all :) ♥

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