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Poem of Love and Life
by me

Sleepless Night,
Watching above,
Threatened by Fright,
and Blessed by Love.

A shooting star,
like a gracious dove,
A balmy scar.
Inflicted by Love.

The wound, it'll heal,
It is my desire
It is Love, that I feel,
Lifting me higher and higher.

Something I can't depaint,
Fullfills my very soul,
Hope It will not faint,
Because it makes me Whole.

While You Are Gone
And I am here,
I sit and write on,
In Love and in Fear.

It leaks down my skin,
Yes, it's a tear,
Is it a minor sin
that I want you near?

Like a flower in wide lands
would die in the dark
If no one lifts their hands
to admire its purple mark.

We all live to be loved
And if this is not so,
I unfold to be shoved,
Into the coldest snow.

I think of this so much,
I want to understand,
What makes life as such
so hard and yet so grand?

So many useless words
have come out of my mind
just like a hive of birds
I certainly was blind..

I look into the sky
the shooting star is gone
the fear and fright will fly
into eternal dawn.

The morning sun does rise
I hope my wish comes true
My soul tells no surprise,
Remember me, I love You.

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