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HeadHunterz - Just say my NameSamstag 22.11.2008 07:28 PM

Say whatever you want motherfucker
Just say my name

Everybody got somebody who don't like them
But like I said before
They gonna it from somewhere
So might just get it from me!

Some people do music as a hobby,
But it's more then that to me
For me music is everything

I guess because I'm popular
That makes me a popstar

And I really don't care who dislikes me or why

The people that dislikes me have nothing to lose
So they can act like a fool

I remember when he didn't have this or
when he didn't have that
And he was like this

Fuck that, I eat that shit up,
Say whatever you want mother fucker,
Just say my name

Thats all I need, because you know what?
I ain't going nowhere till I've done it all
Say whatever you want motherfucker, just say my name

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