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Faith in the 'E' that is Fuckin' your BrainSonntag 02.11.2008 11:38 PM

This is the dj, the music, the moment
This is the E, that is fucking your brain
Here is the darkness, the bass and the feeling
Here is the joy that comes after the pain

This is the dj, the music the moment
The 'E' is, is the evil inside of your pill
Here is the darkness, the bass and the feeling
Enter the light that comes after the kill

Someone once said 'you gotta have faith'
Now you may wonder what the fuck he was talking about
Cause you have no business with God or religion
No man, you gotta have faith in everything that effects you
Faith in the music, in the moment, have faith in the dj
...Faith in the 'E' that is fucking your brain!

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