IN HEAVENMontag 19.03.2007 11:21 PM

Can you see the pain in my eyes?
Can you see the blood that i bleed?
Can you see the thousend tears I cry?

Can you feel the black hole in my head?
Can you feel the deep wound in my heart?
Can you feel my asking of security?

Is it worth to ask for?
Is it worth to cry for?
Is it worth the pain?

Cry for for me!
Bleed for me!
Die for for me!

Why thought my mind that i can stay for ever?
Why thought my marrow you are the only one?
Why tought my spirit you are the right?

I don´t know...
the only thing I can do is, look back, to see that every little thing I do got wrong, every little thing got hurt me, every thing showed me that life can´t go on...

But there is something in my head, that whisper, every new I do got right, my whole world get better, my life get complete, get wunderful...


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