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no clueMontag 28.05.2007 06:50 PM

this is my first time bloggin so i might as well rap,
this is some shit that hits ur eardrum, u'll never forget,
like when those kids in elementary stay callin u fat,
or when some punks came after u and try to chase u wit bats.
better yet this is the track out ur ear it be oozin,
i'll have u droolin before i reach a conclusion,
i'm half german half black,
u, u full wack,
get ur face smacked,
i'ma pimp u'll get ur girl macked.
i'm makin maad money,
while u be lookin funny, like,
"why she givin him the dollars? this don't make no cents"
dude face it u basic just make amends,
don't think, just walk before ur story ends.
cuz this is epic and u know exactly what i mean,
i'm that nigga sippin cris sippin henn sit n lean.
step to me and mines all u'll here is "crack",
cuz i'll slap u so hard i'll make u watch ur back.

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