so take me as i am.

my loveSamstag 18.11.2006 04:01 PM

u don't care.
i live here and u live so far away.
but i think u don't care.
u don't care anymore.
a couple of months ago .. u said: 'i miss u so much, u mean everything to me.'
and u said it almost once a day.
i had to promise that i would always be by ur side.
and u promised me the same.
u kissed me.
u kissed me twice.
u kissed me three times.
more than that.
i used to be the happiest person on earth.
and now .. i'm the most broken girl u've ever seen in ur whole life.
now ur somewhere in berlin .. making party with friends .. and i think ur talking to a cute girl or something.
anyways ...
we used to talk each day.
we used to talk for hours.
u wrote me text messages in the morning when i was sitting in school.
and now i almost beg u to answer my text message.
but i think u won't.
i think ur feelings have changed.
i really do.
i have second thoughts ..
i'm not sure if i can trust u anymore.
on monday u said: i am sorry but there's nothing i can do. i can do nothing against this distance between us.
but i think .. ur "i'm sorry" sounded like i asked u for a chewing gum and u felt sorry about it because u couldn't gave me one.
anyways ..
i love u.
and u know it.
but .. i think .. it doesn't matter.
nothing has changed ... i told u .. but nothing has changed.
i can't stand that pain anymore.
u don't care.
u don't care about me anymore ..
but if i'm wrong.
tell me.
and prove it to me.
at the moment it's just unbelievable for me to believe that u feel something for me.
something more than u feel for the other persons in ur life.
if i'm wrong..
tell me i'm something special for u.
tell me u'd like to see me again soon.
tell me u miss me.
but especially ..
tell me u love me.

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