| Hon'nō. ♥'

♥...Donnerstag 15.12.2011 04:44 PM

If all the flowers faded away
And if all the storm clouds decided to stay
Then you would find me each hour the same

She is tomorrow and I am today

If loving her is a heartache for me
And if holding her means that I have to bleed
Then I am the martyr and love is to blame

She is the healing and I am the pain

She lives in a daydream where I don't belong

She is the sunlight and the sun is gone

And it will take this life of regret
For my heart to learn to forget
Tomorrow will be as it always has been
And I will fall to her again
For I know I've come too close
Cause if right is leaving I'd rather be wrong

She is the sunlight and the sun is gone..

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