Ahh ich vermisse mein Schatz =( will wochenende haben

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Soooo schön =(Mittwoch 24.06.2009 10:34 PM

I promise to love you
Every day of forever
This I swear to you
Bella, I love you
Without you, I would die
This I know is true
You stole my heart
And I won't ever let you go

Go to sleep, little one
You are so precious to me
You are safe in my arms
Safe from any harm
You are heaven's gift to me
There is nothing to fear while I'm here
Now close your eyes and dream

You are the most beautiful soul to me
You never see yourself as clearly as me
While you sleep close, holding me
I'll tell you a little secret
That your dreams will only know

I loved you when I first saw you
I vowed to never let you get away
Sometimes when I stay, I hear you call my name
Only to hear it in your dreams
One day I'll ask you to be with me
Until then, I'll dream
Even though I can't sleep...

You will never understand what you mean to me
You are my life
Before you, I was lost
And as I see you sleep now
I'll let you know somehow
Saving you saved me
My heart is yours to keep
Now sleep...

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