ich bin so counter strike, ich hab garkeine zeit mehr in die schule zu gehen und amok zu laufen.

[Kein Thema]Mittwoch 11.11.2009 08:07 PM

okay... so 2day:

macht & rebel - sort of painful homage i've been celebrating since 3 days.

mths: i'd like 2 apologize bout my arrant optimism.
hstry: over the top (:

drwng: it's purple nd green 2day.

tigerlilly [on top]
spanish train [4 thinkin]


i got a pocket - got a pocket full of sunshine.
i got a love and i know that its all mine.
do what u want but u're never gonna break me,
sticks and stones are never gonna shake me.
wish that you could but you aint gonna own me,
do anything, u can to control me.

take me away.
a secret place.
a sweet escape.
take me away.
take me away.
to better days.
take me away.
a hiding place.

there's a place that I go
that nobody knows.
where the rivers flow
and i call it home.
and theres no more lies
and the darkness is light
and nobody cries
theres only butterflies.

the sun is on my side,
it takes me for a ride.
i smile up to the sky,
i know i'll be alright.

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