ich bin so counter strike, ich hab garkeine zeit mehr in die schule zu gehen und amok zu laufen.

death_cab_4_cutie.Montag 17.08.2009 06:31 PM

we're not the same, dear, as we used to be.
the seasons have changed and so have we.
there was little we could say, and even less we could do
to stop the ice from getting thinner under me and you.

we bury our love in the wintery grave
a lump in the snow was all that remained.
but we stayed by its side as the days turned to weeks
and the ice kept getting thinner with every word that we'd speak.

and when spring arrived
we were taken by surprise
when the floes under our feet bled into the sea
and nothing was left for you and me.

we're not the same, dear, nd it seems to me
there's nowhere we can go with nothing underneath.
and it saddens me to say
but we both know, well, it's true
that the ice was getting thinner
under me and you.

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