ich bin so counter strike, ich hab garkeine zeit mehr in die schule zu gehen und amok zu laufen.

rawr.Mittwoch 15.04.2009 10:22 PM

makes me wanna touch it.
makes me wanna taste it.

goin crazy.
face it.

she's so much more then your use to.
she knows just how to move to seduce you_
she's going to do the right thing and touch the right spot.
she'll dance in your lap until your ready to pop.

she's always ready.
when you want it, she wants it.
like a nympho.

why don’t you come over here?

why d'you sit down on the top of me?

i need you right in front of me.

in the fantasy
its plain to see
just how it be
her and me.

back stroking,
sweat soakin,
all way threw my scent seats.
who's ready to ride?
i'm ready to roll.

i'll be in this bitch till the club close.
watching her do what thing on all fours,
now that right there should be against the law.

different style,
different move,
damn I like the way you move
girl you got me thinkin bout
all the things i do to you.
let's get it poppin, shorty.
we can switch positions.
from the couch
to the counters in my kitchen.

she wants it.
she wants it.
she wants it.
i gotta give it to her.

s: darling. i miss u. 2moro<3
p:we'll meet; soon. photography. cuddeling:) hugs.
m: and it comes out you're a bad boy... i kinda like that. it means i don't have 2 act the good girl anymore:P
j: :) i like u. u better know. my bro'. u and me 4 ever^^
m: u know i'm attracted 2 you. just like u are 2 me, aren't u?!
p: i! miss! u!... fckr-.-
c: no1 but u. smooookin' hot.

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