ich bin so counter strike, ich hab garkeine zeit mehr in die schule zu gehen und amok zu laufen.

[Kein Thema]Samstag 11.04.2009 08:56 PM

well... i mean sometimes it's getting hard.
but doesn't being in a relationship mean solving the problems together?!
i wouldn't be that annoying if i didn't love you.
the problem is that you don't wanna be my friend.
while i wanna know like everything about you
you're not even interested.
you simply don't care. and this is my problem.
i can't get it.
i cannot understand how someone can be that uninterested.
and it hurts.
i wouldn't have stayed that long and it wouldn't bother me; usually.
but it does. cause u are important to me.
we both are.

"i know it makes no sense. what else can i do?! and how can i move on when i'm still in love with you"

you don't even know anything about my personality, i'm afraid.
i mean my guyfriends know me as someone happy. use to laugh a lot, usually. about stupid stuff. and i think i'm a person you could talk to days and days.
but how could you know?!
you know me as someone quiet, bored, boring.
i don't wanna be like that. but i can't see any other opportunity.
and i have no idea how i could change things.
but i know it is possible.
and i know i'll try.
i want us to laugh together again.
like we used to.
about weird stuff.
but you sleep and i wantch tv.
no "good morning".
no "how was your night?!
we sleep like spoons but we don't know each other.
i tried to talk to you.
because i really want this.
i really want you.
but you didn't answer.
like you don't think it's necessary... but exhausting.
like you don't care if it works.
like you don't care if i stay or go.
but we could be happy together.
i can't see why you wouldn't want that.
i mean you must me my boyfriend for a reason.
or you've forgotten the reason.
and now you don't want it. at all.
i hope you still want it. because i do.

hell... i want this shit to work.
but it's damn hard.
i wish you'd help me.

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