ich bin so counter strike, ich hab garkeine zeit mehr in die schule zu gehen und amok zu laufen.

and the eighth is lost forever more...Mittwoch 25.03.2009 08:15 PM

remember december of 59,
the howling wind and driving rain.
remember the gallant men who drowned
on the lifeboat, mona was her name.

the wind did blow and the sea rose up,
beat the land with mighty waves.
at saint andrew's bay the light ship fought
the sea until her moorings gave.

the captain signalled to the shore:
"we must have help or we'll go down"
from broughty ferry at 2 a.m.
they sent the lifeboat mona.

8 men formed that gallant crew.
they set their boat against the main.
the wind's so hard and the sea's so rough.
we'll never see land or home again.

3 hours went by and the mona called,
the wind blows hard and the sea runs high.
in the morning on carnusty beach
the mona and her crew did lie.

5 lay drowned in the chalon there,
2 were washed up on the shore.
8 men died when the boat capsized
and the 8. is lost forever more.

remember december of 59,
the howling wind and the driving rain,
the men who leave the land behind
and the men who never see land again.

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