ich bin so counter strike, ich hab garkeine zeit mehr in die schule zu gehen und amok zu laufen.

well; weekend.Sonntag 22.03.2009 08:06 PM

when you find out that you can know people for years and spend most of your time with them around without knowing anything. and then you start talking and it comes out how much you like their attitude.

when we all figure out the significance of honesty. and that now it lies with us to change.
i think until now i do pretty well.... don't i?!

rost: when someone sings along in a quite crowded and noisy place and you can't hear but see his british accent.

nfc: when it is SO great and once again we recognize there is nothing better than electro music#

when all in all it have been great days. when something has changed and still is. so thaks a lot <3
[shine on (;]

when you have already forgotten how great it is to fall asleep in someone's arms. and then you are reminded by the one.

when you understand that this joke about being my brother... was taken seriously:) when there is someone you don't even have to ask for protecting you.

kinda last question:
when you realise what you're attracted to... do you know where you belong?!
[itchy feet]

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