ich bin so counter strike, ich hab garkeine zeit mehr in die schule zu gehen und amok zu laufen.

Tuesday#Mittwoch 11.03.2009 03:31 PM

why the bloody hell do i miss the 3 of you that much?!
lookin forward to the sum-sum-sumdidumdi-summer!
it'll be like it was, won't it?!
say it will!
okay... maybe not JUST the SAME... but it'll be like it was.

i've already forgotten we had that much in common.
hell, you look gorgeous.
hope you'll never read this.
shit; i'm that flashed by all this. and the coffee.
well... now i remember what it was like again.
feels good. bit too god; maybe.
lof lof lof lof lof lof lof

why does that "u're 1 in a million" come 2 my mind right now?! hell, smtimes I'm kinda sappy.
but it fits in here, doesn't it.
like the rain was falling down and everything.

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