Du hast so viel Stil wie ein Cornetto-Eis.

HAHAHAHHAA :DMittwoch 25.05.2011 05:07 PM

She wasn't happy because she got dumped
It was over but not in her mind
It's not her fault he left her behind
I always knew they had a history
I didn't know it included me
She wasn't ready to let him go
Now I'm dealing with a psycho


I went to a party on a Saturday night
I wasn't planning on getting into a fight
All I wanted was to have some fun
You know I would never wanna hurt no one
She walked over thinking she was so tough
She stood me down but had to look up
Then she started to lose control
What can I say lets rock and roll
I wasn't sure but now I know
That I'm dealing with a psycho :D

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