:0Donnerstag 10.12.2009 07:51 PM

A mysterious light phenomena appeared on Wednesday morning over northern Norway. Witnesses describe a whirling flash of light and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute is nedringt of excited witnesses. A large number of people on the way to work in Trøndelag and Northern Norway saw the mysterious light. They excited the witnesses describe the phenomenon as a vibrant swirl of light that grew until it covered the whole sky and then disappeared. Jan-Petter Jørgensen was on the way to work on laxslakteriet in Skjervøy when he suddenly saw the light. - It was a coincidence that I had the camera with me. I was going to take some pictures at work, "he told Aftonbladet. Could be a rocket Jørgensen says that he has never seen anything like it before. - When it began, it was quite small and looked like a lunar eclipse, but then it grew and covered the whole sky . Norwegian media have been in contact with several experts, but neither astronomers and meteorologists can explain the phenomenon. As it lasted as long as it is not an astronomical phenomenon or a meteor. According to one expert, it can be a rocket of some kind but the rocket base in Andøya says that no rocket was postponed last night.

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