solange du auf uns schaust passiert uns nichts...

miss CaliforniaDienstag 24.06.2008 01:24 AM

She’s miss California,
hottest thing in west LA,
house down by the water,
sails her yacht across the bay.
Drives a Marinello,
Hollywood’s her favourite scene,
loves to be surrounded by superstars that know her name.

She’s a rich girl, from the top of the food chain.
Loved and material things, kinda lonely, till I met her with her at the Grammy’s.
Ten million on a diamond ring. She invites me for a day on the jet-ski’s,
at first it didn’t mean a I think, then she told me,
I’m the one that she searches for, it was hard to believe.


In a couple of days she had me a bracelet made from Harry Winstons place.
Went on horseback riding up to the mountain-top, showing me the land that she got.
Well it’s all right, but something else is on your mind,
Looking past all that shines, now the tears are running through.
All those things are nice, but that’s not why I’m here.
I will wipe away your tears simply by just loving you.

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