nunca mais; Songs.Montag 29.06.2009 05:54 PM

Now call your boyfriend and apologize
you push him pretty far away last night.
He really loves you,
you just don't always love yourself.
You just sometimes need a push.
See my face is everywhere.
Never again will I miss you.
Never again will I kiss you.
I hope when you are in bed with her...

You'll think of me.
She deserves you,
does she really know the truth?
So before you point your finger,
get your hands off of my trigger.
I'm looking for attention
not another question
should you stay or should you go?
Just walk away.
I wanna love
I want a fire to feel the burn my desires.
I want a man by my side
not a boy who runs and hide.
Miss keep your distance
Miss on her own
She went in a new conzeption.
No more talk of why that can't be me.
Be near me.
Where are you?

Haunted, Kelly Clarkson, Maria Mena,. Die Welt steht absolut nicht still.


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