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Have you ever ______ with your top 6 Sonntag 16.12.2007 05:29 PM

-Fill the people in below
-Answer the questions truthfully

Number 1: Lenar aka Strunki
Number 2: Hannes
Number 3: Miri aka Elch aka Bunni
Number 4: Wiebke
Number 5: Anne aka Suppenkraut
Number 6: Mariar

Have you ever done anything illegal with 3?
jaaa.ganz viel xD

Have you ever danced with 1?
öhm kp kann wohl.

Have you ever hugged number 2?
neiiiin nie xD

Have you ever played a sport with 4?
joaa^^ zählt schlittschuhlaufen? xD volleyball?

Have you ever had an inside joke with 2?

Has any of your top 6 ever seen you naked?
ja.^^ nich nur eine^^

Have you ever taken a shower with anyone of them?
jaa xDD un es ist nicht 2. xD

Have you ever had a crush on any of them?
joa.^^ logisch xD

Have you ever gone shopping with 2?
nöp.NOCH nicht xD

Have you ever had a class with 1?
hä? xD

Have you ever traveled anywhere with 3?
hmm Oldenburg (: xD

Have you met 2's family?

Have you ever eaten anything in front of 6?
äh joa klar. xD

Have you ever hated 4?
immer doch.^^

Have you ever fought with number 3?

Has 2 ever given you a present?
joaa.^^ geben…nehmen… xD

Have you ever seen anyone in your top 6 cry?

Has anyone in your top 6 seen you cry?

Have you ever played on a sports team with anyone on your top 6?
äh.wiebke un miri vollba ag.^^

Have you ever seen 3 do something embarrassing?
jaaaa xDDD jedesmal wenn wir uns sehn___xD

Have you ever done something dangerous with number 1?
nja geht so.^^

Has 5 ever called you?

Have you ever slept in the same bed as number 4?

Have you ever fallen in love with number 3?
ja (:

Have you ever kissed number 5?
jap =)

Have you ever gone to the movies with 6?
ähh…ja glaub wohl.

Have you ever had a nickname for number 2?

Have you ever met number 5's mom?

Have you ever liked a friend of number 2's?
joa. ;)

lol____grüße.mariener x]

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