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A Concert Worth WatchingDonnerstag 06.07.2006 11:43 AM

Yesterday I experienced Guns'n Roses live.

Actually it was Guns'n Axel, because all the other roses stayed at home. Didn't mind, never have listened the guitar, the bass or the drums more than the voice of monsieur Axel, the bad man from America.

He was arrested in Sweden just a week before this gig. The whole nation on Finland gasped in suspension, maybe Axel didn't make it here this time either.

But no, we got massive pyros, paper decoratives, all the classics and good performing. Axel didn't even seem to be drunk.

But more than 4 solos which were quite long, got me a bit bored. That and the stupid people that walked up and down the stairs when going to the toilet, when going for a pint, or what ever.

Stupid people.

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