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I see people, rich and poor, in a world where love is no longer one with many achievements, one needs power to be estimated. And money in order not to die alone. I see sick people who need help, but they can not buy medicine without her money. And what the government says? Give them their lives now? Or, people must give their coup de grace? In order to pave the way, they are gone. Today it makes a difference whether you are rich or not, because it is the government that people in the light. To make the conversion and the poor people standing in the shadows can not laugh and lose the light that led them to live through that, but something up there, not interested. You want to make money, make contacts and to the words as you repack are lying. But honestly, the world breaks down slowly, without hope, love, and without live without lust. and nobody has the courage to say no one dares to kill himself, that what they're up there, very hurt Germany. We remain alone and pay the debt, the big stars for their performance suffer, And now tell me again and in my face, what happens to the human race does not interest you? Because you have the money for all your expensive stuff, you need to make other people worry you. Humans are animals, like meat and the money chase every fool is this rich world. No one is doing something about it, we look too easy, but what I'm trying to change and prove my courage. Even if it works I have not tried. And later in life when I grow up, I tell my child free from the wind, I've smelled. The revealed truth of the world no longer hurts and my decision to save this world from the abyss to which we have to replace all the money through love.

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