Lady shake, shake, shake, shake your body, Now fella's slide it up like it's your last party !

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[Kein Thema]Montag 01.02.2010 11:19 PM

• When a girl pushes or hits you, hugged tightly, and do not let go
• When a girl is quiet, ask her what's the matter
• When a girl is about to go away from you, pull him back next to you
• When a girl says she loves you, he really loves you, more as you can think about the girl
• When you are in need, he happens to särjet
• When the girl's heart, the pain will not go away ever
• When she's mad, hug hard and do not let go
• When he says he is ok, do not believe, but to talk with her
• When the girl put this onwards, he wants you to read this

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