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We both - made for each other
a love - unique

We feel the same. always.
A life without you is no life for me.
You make me complete, you're my soulmate.
Sometimes i think i'm not able to live without you.
Because i don't know, where i would be today if i've never met you.
Perhapse it's the only reason why we're here -
to complete the other person like a piece of a puzzle.

And even if i feel fucked up -
only the sound of your voice is like heroin to me.

And i know that we get over this fuckin' time of crying and feeling depressed.
And i know that i will survive, because you're there.
I let myself fall, because i know you're there.
You were always there.

And i will always be there to catch you when you fall.

I can't believe how destiny gave me this gift - you.

It's maybe silly that i wrote these words.

Because they FUCKIN cannot explane what you mean to me.

You & I. Always.


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