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[Kein Thema]Samstag 05.05.2007 01:43 AM

__All time loser

Everywhere I go, I see 'em on the streets
Searching the trashcans for something to eat
But I don't feel sorry for a bit
'Cause they got theirselves into this shit

You started stickin' needles in your veins
Takin' pills and messin' up your brains
You started throwing your live away
You do it all yourselves, so we're not to blame!

You do it all yourselves, so we're not the ones to blame

Why should I give money to some addict program
It's your mistake and I don't give a damn
You used to take drugs, 'cause you thought it was cool
Now your an addict and the drugs have taken you!

The drugs have taken you, and there's nuttin' you can do

You're startin' to shake, so you need more
But you ain't got the cash for the drugs you wanna score
So you pick an old lady, who you're startin' to beat
Steal her money, so you can forfill your greed!

Enough is enough, this is gonna end
But I'm a nice guy, so you get a last chance
Get off your drugs and start a new life
Or buy a cheap coffin and fuckin' die!

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