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sleepless nightsSamstag 13.03.2010 06:32 PM

Hellas amigas!
Yesterday I was so stressed because of Lisa's birthday...
I was a little too late at her home xX
But it was okay, only 10 minutes, I think.
We've waited fot the other guys and then she's opened her birthday presents. Sooo many presents! o___o
At 20.30 we were at AT.
It was a little boring for me, because I was pissed of, because of Paddi .___.'
But the I said "fuck off" and everything was okay... .___.
Today I came home at... 11o'clock? xX'
I've sleeped at Lisa's home.
Tomorrow Paddi has birthday and what mean this? NO SLEEP!
GRAAAH x____x'''
Yah Kauya

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