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saturdaySamstag 06.03.2010 08:04 PM

Hellas Chikas!

Here I'm again, wuhu~!
Well, today I was in Freiburg with my darlin', we were at the ToN #40.
I've met my sweet bunnys && some more people *___*
It was really great, I've took a piccu with an REAL japanese boy XDDD
But it was only one, because after this, he only was besieges by some fan-grilys... x___X poor Yu-Shin!
He was really cute, but he's only a human, not a animal to touch .___.'
I've got a Con-Hon-entry from him, he's really cute! He wrote in japanese, that he wanted to eat some cake XDDDD
His writing is very terrible, so you couldn't read it very well...
But okay.
Also my Darlin', Usagi, Daria, Kimi, Kyo && me went to McDonalds, after the China-Restaurant closed and the others were.. ahm... away?
It was funny, because we ate there again! XD
And we were talking about little things, for example about the Cash document from McDonalds, on which was written 'Help wanted!' XDD
After this Paddi && me have to go.
It was a really great day, in spite of the snow...
We've took some great pictures and have pretty memories.
Thanx for that, hope we meet again soon.
Ya Kauya!

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