..Reb...Liebe und verrat...Come back...

.. WARUM ...Samstag 03.10.2009 11:33 PM

Somehow, I miss you.
Although I do not want.
Because I can see that without you I'm fortunate.
Or maybe not?

I know there are just not ...
I miss u but I love u not.

Just tell me why .. why I care so much about you. Why can not you just forget why?

You hurt me so many times .. But still I have laughed at you so often

Tell me why you are so important to me.?
I never really wanted you to see more in my life because you're really died for me ..
And now I'll have you back
I will take you back to my poor. Embrace you.
But none of us dare ...

Why not tell any of us last time "I'm sorry, please forgive me"

Why ...

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