it`s more than a beat beneath my RIBS

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weil ich so für dich empfinde:


I cant believe you would treat me this way.
I found you out.
I hate the ground that you walk on.
Don't fucking look away.
You think I'm not gonna cut you out
Dont feel pity upon me cause I will end this now.

I've got nothing to say to you anymore.
I wanna bury your face into the floor.
God your testing me I want you fucking dead,
You should have listened to me,
should have listened to me.

I tried to forgive you, for taking away my wings.
I tried to forget you.
Your tricks wont save you now.
I tried to forgive you.
I tried to forget you.

You tried to bring me down,
This time it wont be the same.
Your world is breaking and everythings changing.
You tried to bring me down.
But you will never be found.

And so we end this now
I walk this road alone.
I left you buried deep where all your thoughts will drown.

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