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[Kein Thema]Samstag 12.06.2010 11:41 PM

I really need to come here and talk about things. Well you I dont know what Im going to talk about? And its weird to write everything on english. Because I cant finnish in here, nobody would understand that. Kukaan ei ymmärtäisi. As I would say in finnish. Im going away for a week. So leave a comment if you like? Or if you miss me or something.

I really feel bad that I havent spoken to a certain person in a while. Well I dont care anymore, but my dreams to become a "singer" got away with him. Hes the only one who knows what I like about singing and the genre, he plays a guitar, so it was easy to jam with him.

Now I really feel just stupid and wierd. And I dont know.
Summer vacation, Im not even sure if I pass the tests to get to high school. If not. Too bad.

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