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Motör-Heavy Piss-TakeMontag 30.03.2009 08:45 PM

>> this is the motör-heavy piss-take

let me show you:
God or how he’s called
he justifies you all
false worship to confess, you fear the demons that you bless
“oh father I’ve sinned but regret it all
for sure you’ll condone so I‘ll do some more”

wake up, mendacious brainwash!
You are mendaciously brainwashed!
That’s bollocks for me!

a thousand wars, a million dead, faith forced upon,
to rape, to kill, break and bruise, pillage, scourge and burn

reset your mind, trust a logical adjudication
forget your personal crusade and take a vacation

no more lies, no poor illusion
behold the unfeigned solution
life means:
1. to discover
2. to coexist – circles intertwine
3. open–mindedness – two wrongs make no right

banned, bound, entranced and blessed
coerced obedience, a human nonetheless

fuck your motör-heavy piss-take!
fuck off!

disengage your mind
from obsolete doctrine
break the chains that still
arrest your thoughts and bind your will

watch for the sunset, a new dawn has come
a wider horizon, there for everyone <<

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