So viele Menschen, trotzdem allein.
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Carpathian Forest - Bloodlust and PerversionDienstag 08.05.2012 07:18 PM

Freezing rain pours down from the clouds
Roar of a distant thunder
awakes my thoughts
as we ride towards the end of our fate
our horse are carrying us throught the winterland
dark medieval war!
the mild breeze are getting stronger
my hands grabs the frosty sword
through the vast winter landscape
as we enter the kingdom of the unknown
with hate, death and pain
delietful eyes
war of chaos and thundering rage
our hands are open to welcome their death
as our sharpened weapons collide
into the battle we ride!!
After the anger the silence began
and now, the cold night approaches
from the to of the winter mountain
to ride with glory and armageddish anger with hate

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