So viele Menschen, trotzdem allein.

[Kein Thema]Freitag 22.07.2011 02:16 PM

Some people tell me that I need help
Some people can fuck off and go to hell
God damn, why they criticize me
Now shit is on the rise so my family despise me
Fuck em! And feed em cause I don't need em
I won't join em if I can beat em
They don't understand my logic
To my gat to my money and I'm hooked on chronic
I never wanted to hurt a nigga
Unless ya come flexin that trigga, I dig ya
That grave on the east side of town
Lay ya six feet underground
From man, to the dust to the ashes
All I remember tell me where the cash is
Clic Cloc barrel at my dome
Give all your loot or you ain't going home
But I ain't going out wit the pain
Wa da da dang, wa dada daa dang

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