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I'ste NightmareFreitag 14.10.2011 12:01 AM

There is something in my dreams,
more dangerous, then it seems.

I feel fadeing,
so devestading.

Lead by dreams, I feel to act,
repeat and repeat, with other fact,
try by try its getting worser,
entired of life, I won´t move further

I feel fadeing,
so devestading.

The feeling to be become the feeling to die
And my whole truth become a great lie.
Emotionless I take the knife´s kiss,
no-one in the world, I would miss.

I feel fadeing,
so devestading.

Except the girl thats responsable,
ruin my life, ruin my lable,
take my life and toss it away,
like my heart, has been tossed,

I feel fadeing,
so devestading...

I feel fadeing,
so devestading.

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