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Mutprobe.Mittwoch 06.01.2010 01:51 AM

"Are you afraid ?"

Me in front of the stage.

"Are you afraid ?"

I can see me standin' there , my eyes closed. What does the observer see. What would he think. What may he say.

"So, are you afraid ?"

Askin' myself , what am I supposed to do ? Still starin' at the spotlight. I lose heart.

"Will you give in ?"

Feelin' restricted, everythin's-my own feelings either-drivin' me into a corner. Gimme room to think. I can't breathe. Invisible walls are rushin' towards me in order to break me. What's going on ?
It's too much.

"Will you dare to do it ?"

Will I ? I don't even know who I am. What do I want ? Confused.
I can't make it. Come & take my hand, be my hiding place, come a little closer, I need a rest, hold me, will you keep me safe ? Let me sleep in your arms. Wake me up, when the whole trouble ends.

"Are you ready ? No ? - Give in girl, it's OK, go & run away."

My head is bangin'. So many voices inside my head. They're tellin' me they know best, they're pushin, but they don't say which way to go. I've to trust my heart. Angry. I won't give up. Never.
And now I'm kickin down the walls, gotta make 'em fall, just break trough them all. I'm pushin', crashin'. I'm gonna fight to find myself.
Me and no one else. I ventured out of my own selfmade prison.
It takes a lot of my courage. Gotta keep my head held high.

And then the music breaks me. Every single muscle is filled with it.
My heart beating as Bass. Music's in my soul, in my head, in my body. Music becomes my food. I open my eyes.

"So are you afraid now ?"

-NO , I'm not. Not anymore & never again.

Then I dance into the light, feel nothin' inside except the beat.

Curtains are finally closin'. I can't hear the applause. Can't here the people screamin'. Don't see them cryin' happy tears.
There's nothin except me & the music inside my head.

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