The right to decide was denied.

Waiting For The Waves...Freitag 27.02.2009 12:53 AM

What do you have to say?
I know it anyway
You're not the one to blame
Liars always repeat their game

Get on the podium
To spread your valium
It's all too much for me
Please get away or leave me be

And I'm waiting for the waves now
Hopefully they will wash it all away
I'm longing for that day
I'm waiting for the waves and somehow
None of the lies are gonna stay

Let'em break
Right down on it all
Let'em break
Now who is standing tall
Surrender Defender
You don't need to tender
Anything to me
Or anyone
Our trust is gone
And we'll move on

Make up another name
Despaired an oh so lame
Fake credibility
Wish to consign in to the sea

Hey mister you got nerve
Now get what you deserve
Can't wait to hear the waves
Your time is up now go away
You won't lead us astray

Let'em break...

I could forgive
But I just cannot Forget
What you did
Way too late to regret

I could forgive
But I just cannot forget
What you did
Way too late so now let'em break

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