setz dich doch, lass uns n bisschen entspannen, ach was du studierst kunst, ist ja wirklich interessant

DOUGLAS HEFERNAN - MARGIE SONG! :DMittwoch 26.09.2007 12:13 AM

Margie girl my heart's in a whirl tonite
I need you bad oh Margy
I need you so oh Margie girl

before we met, nothin' in my life was right
but all that changed with Margie
you've blown me away oh Margie
remember when me met between math and spanish
you...were a woman
and what was I? Let me tell you what I was, I was manish!

You were never lookin' finer
(than) in the night we went to bicky's diner
we had onion rings I could frie
with love on the side

I knew my single days were over
drivin' in your Chevy Nova
Margie if you ever say goodbye
I just pretend and die

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