Lights - QuietMittwoch 31.03.2010 06:17 AM

Im not yours, and youre not mine
But we can sit and pass the time
No fighting wars, no ringing chimes
Were just feeling fine
This is where were supposed to be
Sitting by a broken tree
No tragedy, no poetry
Just staring at the sky

I could wait a thousand hours
Stay the same in sun and showers
Pick apart a hundred flowers
Just to be quiet
Tell me when you feel ready
Im the one, theres not too many
Hold my hand to keep me steady
Just to be quiet
With you

I like it here beside you dear
Youre even more than you appear
And in the clouds my head is clear
Every time you say hello

So heres my heart, and heres my mouth
And I cant help if things come out
Cause there are words I want to shout
But maybe Ill stay low

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