IndescribableDonnerstag 31.01.2008 04:37 PM

I can't really take firm position
Concerning my feelings , concerning my love
Indescribable , i know
It's sheer madness since i kissed you the first time
But i don't know if it's enough to say
,,I love you"

I lay in my bed
As if time had stood still
I can't neither drink , nor eat
What is my intention ; my will ?
So , what do i have to beat ?

I'm confused , kind of complicated
Anyway , i gave you a part of my heart
The rest of it , you know what i mean
[The time will heal my wounds
But i won't forget each passed scene]
Help me !

In this time , you play the main character in my life
You give me a feeling i missed for such a longtime
I feel kind of secure with you
I'm so thankful that i am on the verge of tears ...

Take this as a present , as a little rose
And swear , we'll ever be close [...]

Bowing , Steffen <3

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