Dafür, dass du dauernd lügst und die Jungs betrügst, siehst du verdammt unschuldig aus. mit jedem deiner Fehler..

[Kein Thema]Montag 01.09.2008 03:59 PM

Can’t you see he’s the man,
Let me hear you applaud,
He is more than a man
He's a shiny golden god.

If you think its time to f**king rock,
And f**king roll, out of control
Well then you know you've got to rock the block,
You f**king suck, My f**king cock

Cause when you rule, you f**king school,
All of the fools, out of there jewels
Cause if you think it’s time to,
If you think it’s time to,
If you think it’s time to f**king rooooock.

He is going to kick your f**king ass,
And you know his name is Kyle Gass
Rocking and f**king rolling,
And f**king rocking, and f**king rolling
And f**king.....(JB SKIT)

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