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Songtext Zero Five ElevenDienstag 15.09.2009 01:38 AM

Songtext Zero Five Eleven

You Killed Me

Followed from nightmares,until the morning sun comes out
and heal my invisibly lesions.
It´s the shadow of a broken childhood.
Your predominant eyes looked down at me
with a sadistic smile on your face

I wish I could kill you with my own hands
with the false hope,my deadness would change
and I could smile one more time
with your black blood at my hands

My soul is gone,you took it away from me
in the nights you ravished me in my room
and mum closed the eyes and doors
displacing my tears and cries

My body is yours, you blemished My soul is gone
with the shadows of a horrible
night when the firts light shined.
You killed me,while I was a child

Tell me dad,why?

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