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Take My Life.♥Samstag 14.11.2009 07:47 PM

Take my life, please end this pain.
Just let me rest in peace forever.
Take my breath, let me finally fall asleep.
My mistakes killing me- now.
No, i cant take this anymore.
I cant go on, like times before.
My pleasure alive fades away.
Look, my smile is already dead...
All the scars making me insane.
The wounds in my heart are incurable.
Never again i try to be- perfect in my eyes (for me)
All too often i was disappointed (by myself).
No matter what i try to think- ever and ever again
I be lost in thoughts about this endless pain.

If you know, that one dont
be happy anymore in his life
and from day to day the causes pile up,
then there is nothing that avoids
to disappear out this life -away from pain.
Ohh now it´s time to say goodbye
i want dream in another life- another world with a big big smile.
Take my life, please end this pain.
Just let me rest in piece.


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