on the road again...

19.04.08 Germany, München, BackstageSonntag 20.04.2008 03:40 AM

Pfff...another gig with fever, this really starts to piss me off!! During the first song I thought Im gonna die. :D Well, I survived.'

Another sold out gig and another great audience (I notice that I start to repeat myself...). I try to kick others to write here too because I havent done anything worth mention today (finnish comedy series, some Monty Pythons and lot of sleep).

There is no döner place near here but we got some late night snack from Burger King!!! Oh yes, you might not know but there isnt any Burger Kings in Finland, so thats also something we HAVE to do everytime when its possible! :D

Im off to shower (hopefully warm one this time...) and back to sleep. Rock´n roll glamour, eh?


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