on the road again...

17.04.08 Germany, Berlin, SO 36Freitag 18.04.2008 02:33 AM

AAAAARGH!!!! I went to sleep 02.30 and I was still awake 08.00...great, I got fever. Best part was that we had to get out to the bus after 12.00 and buss had to drive far away from the venue so I couldnt sleep at all after that.

Eki knows Berlin pretty well, so I made a choice to go walk with him (and look for a pharmacy). We went to see the Berlin wall, or whats left of it and also saw some beautiful old buildings. Best part was dinner in "Tv-tower". Restaurant is over 200 meters above ground. Sweet. Dinner was 9/10 and scenary was great also!

Then back to smoky backstage, some medicine and sleep on a sofa. When I woke up I felt as bad as before...shit! More Asperin and warming up.

I felt so angry when the first song started because I felt like shit. Light hurts eyes, every moshing and singing part makes head feel like exploding...aaargh!! And audience was so great and everybody else is on fire. Well, mans gotta do what mans gotta do. I did my best and special thanks for the front row; you guys really gave me an extra boost! :)

Now to the shower (propably cold one again...) and more medicine and sleep.

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