on the road again...

15.4. InnsbruckDienstag 15.04.2008 11:54 PM

After the breakfast me, Mahi and 3 Týr guys went for "a morning" jogging. Someone noticed that few guys in leather jackets were running with us. :D

Lesson nr.1: do NOT go running with full stomach! Been there, done that, almost died...

Sceanery points for Innsbruck: 10+ /10. Those mountains...

After a warm shower we heard that there isnt soundcheck today so me, Eki, Mahi and Marko & Mitja from Moonsorrow headed to town. Actually there were 2 Korpiklaanis dudes also but we split up with them because they had to get to the town asap and Eki noticed a sign for this "thing" that goes up to those mountains. (Sorry this internet connection is so bad that I dont have patience to find the word. Takes like 10 minutes to open a browser and it gets disconnected all the time). So we headed that way. And we walked. And walked. And walked some more. Eventually we took a local bus. :D (Lazy musicians)

We got there just to find out that "the thing" was being repaired for few days. But still the sceanery was very beautiful. We took bus back to town where we found some balsam to our bleeding wounds: DÖNER KEBAB!!!!! It was pretty mediocre (ratings 6 1/2 - 7) but still after all that walking it was divine!

Then we walked back to venue. I went to bus to see movie City of God which was pretty good. And now im writing this. 1 hour and 10 minutes to gig!!!! Gotta go!


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