on the road again...

14.04.08 Hungary, Budapest, Petoefi HallDienstag 15.04.2008 12:03 AM

So where to start...well, our second buss was broken AGAIN. So when I woke up in Budapest I heard that others are still in Bratislava and it wasnt sure that Eluveitie, Korpiklaani and Ville from Moonsorrow (who was celebrating his birthday in the other bus last night) could make in time to venue.

I promised to help Moonsorrow in the case if others wouldnt make it here, I would play few songs with them. So I practised Moonsorrow songs whole day. :D (Jotunheim FTW!!!!)

We played much earlier as usually which was VERY nice for a change. During our show others arrived so I didnt have to do "doubleshift".

Gig was unbelievable! Crowd is so great here! And because we didnt play in the last spot tonight, people werent so tired as they might have been later. Muchos Exelentos!!

So now fast shower and after that for the first time on this tour I can really check out other bands.

Oh, and food here is delicious! 8 1/2 / 10

- Sami

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