on the road again...

12.04.08 Austria, Wien, Planet MusicSonntag 13.04.2008 05:33 PM

Henri from Moonsorrow left home and Janne from Rytmihäiriö came to play rest of the gigs. Welcome!

Hottest gig on this tour so! And audience was brilliant! And this gig was also sold out, like so many gigs before. Splendid!

After the gig some of us enjoyed some bourbon and talk some serious (and some less serious) discussions in the tour buss (buss call was 06.00) and some went to bar next to bus. Suddenly we realise that there is a police outside the bus and lot of screaming etc. Luckily none of our tour crew was involved in any if this. Turned out that some local woman had bitten another woman... :D Wicked!

Anyway, pretty easy going evening and then to sleep, because I promised to join Tyr and Eluveitie guys on morning for a jogging. We ran only like 4km, but thats a start. Heri from Tyr is the ironman of this tour. He is like a roadrunner! :D

Todays gig in Czech is also sold out so its gonna be another great paganfeat tonight!!


ps. Check this out.

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